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22 Jan

After so so long I have time to post . It’s kinda irritating to post with my iPhone as it’s slow and the picture jumps .

Second day at central world (as usual) . It’s skytrain station is surrounded by lots of high end shopping which carries brand like Louis.V , Dior , Hermes and other local designer stores.

Cute Christmas deco outside the mall

I’m Santa ;p just kidding

Fashion tv

On the way to another hotel lobby shop where my brother and dad love to buy their tees there .

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Bangkok dangerous (movie base title)

20 Dec

I haven’t sleep for a day and my eyes are tired with my contacts on 😦 . Best is I reach Bangkok at about 11+ am ??, means I can sleep during the day and shop at night 🙂
Christmas tree outside the place where I had my breakfast / lunch always before I go out to shop in Bangkok

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15 Dec

IM BACK IN SINGAPORE BABY . Yeah . Didn’t buy much as I go there every once or twice a year since I was 6 . I didn’t went there once since there’s riot . BANGKOK IS WHERE I WENT . It’s my 9th trip there. Things are more or less the same .

Little science center


Just above the clouds

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