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17 May

I always wonder why us female have have so many shoes . I know now . Shoes are filling up my shopping list .

Foxy Platforms . I just want to own one , this glitter one . Fun , party looking .

Foxy Platform - Pewter...

Lana Platforms

Lita Platforms

Cutout Platforms . Little bit of leather plus it’s oxford looking .

Jeffrey Campbell Benched

-All shoes are jeffrey campbell .

I’ve been online all day wondering if i should get foxy or Lita platforms . I spend most of the time in school and I have no idea how to balance in 9.5″ .

“you guys belong to my shoe closet”


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BEATS by Dr. dre

6 Mar

Beats by dr Dre 🙂 mum got this for my brother yesterday . Audio was AWESOME .

Coffee bean . ! Had trouble choosing mud pie or hot chocolate cake .

Anyways , I’m so so so happy I got my chino , like finally . Had a hard to to choose if I should buy from Zara, topshop or XXI forever .

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29 Jan

Went shopping for more stuff today . Cab to and from town . Heavy rain plus jam plus extra surcharge . Costly cab fare today !!! Went to a vintage store and boxing store

Vintage store

Boxing store

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Shibuya and Harajuku

1 Dec

SHIBUYA. It’s a place where Japanese teen girls love to shop. I won’t say it’s expensive or cheap because I personally think that their shoes cheap.

Discussing about which metro line to take shibuya first with my aunt and uncle .

Metro line is seriously messy. The same platform can have 3 trains running

Arrive at Hachiko station

109 building. Even it’s 8story high building , it’s very small. It’s circular

W heart C

Decided to walk from shibuya to harajuku . Very far but it’s worth it as there’s shops like nylon , ripcurl and other Japanese brands

H&M Tokyo was awesome . Can’t wait for the store to be open in Singapore

We reach Harajuku and the first shop is PINK . I know my outerwear is big for me . It’s from Moto Topshop . Anyway , my bag is from overseas (For those who ask me the other time) , I seldom buy stuff from Singapore

Tu-Tu Skirt . SO CUTE RIGHT ?

Tama Town . I’ve always love tamagotchi. I bought them everytime there’s a new version. BUT I only feed them and play with them for a week or less. LAZY

They have this cute machine that “dresses” you up

Like I mention I love tamagotchi. I really regret not buying one there. Saw the one in Pink box ? That , is around 100SDG

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Fashion to food

9 Sep

Another day of my a week holiday pass ! As usual , I’m online watching those runway walks and looking for fashion ideas . I’m looking for this and yet it’s again , OOS .

Some of the pieces from my favorite designers .

Love the design of this .

I have a dress that look 80% like that . Just that it’s not V-neck

I’m going gaga over that skirt . I can’t believe that one of my fave models work that skirt ! AWWWW

& while i was searching around for runway shows …, i found these babies online and they’re making me hungry !

Chocoloate Marshmallow PopCorn

Banana Blueberry Pancakes Gluten-Free

Pictures are from Google and foodwhore

Since when was I from fashion to food ?? :S